July 3, 2017

In my last blog, I told you about my disastrous start to my Amazon jewelry store. I had purchased a bunch of wholesale clearance jewelry that was selling very slowly, due to price wars and my complete ineptitude as a professional jewelry seller on Amazon. My first mistake was purchasing a bunch of jewelry that everyone else has. Next, I used the Amazon Catalog to search for the jewelry that I had to sell. Upon finding the jewelry, I clicked “sell mine” putting my jewelry as an additional buying option on someone else’s store. Huge mistake! The other sellers are vicious! Instead of messaging me and telling me how to do it correctly, they gave me bad reviews, complained to Amazon that I was selling a knock-off on their store, etc. Even though they likely bought the jewelry at the same wholesaler that I did, because they had branded and packaged it with their logo, mine could only be considered a knock-off and I had to remove mine. I really felt like I was stuck with a bunch of jewelry I wouldn’t be able to sell.

Truthfully, I didn’t want to sell on someone else’s store, though, but in order to list something on your own store, you need a UPC Code. The wholesalers didn’t provide me with UPC Codes, even though Amazon says they should. I have yet to find a wholesaler that provides UPC Codes, or packaging, for that matter. They seem to feel that it is expected that you will provide your own branding, packaging and UPC Codes. Google is my friend. I googled where to get UPC Codes, found pages of options and chose the cheapest of the options, and was able to sell on my own store. However, it didn’t change the fact that there was still a price war. So I thought about ways I could make mine different and put my own brand on it.

Amazon branding is easy. In my last blog, I told you about the YouTube videos I watched where people got rich selling you the Amazon dream. Well, these videos promise to teach you how to get your own Amazon brand, and make it sound like it is the most difficult thing in the world that only they can teach you. Me, well, when I had applied for my Washington Business License, there was a section to fill out what trade names you plan to use. I had completed that section, not really understanding it, but when I received my paper business license in the mail, there was a second sheet that listed my registered trade names. So, I completed Amazon’s application form (fill in the blanks) and attached a copy of my business license and registered trade names. Amazon approved my application very quickly and with no fuss.

Next, I googled how to make the jewelry so that I could make unique products to put my label on. My google search produced many YouTube videos. I now have subscriptions that I continue to watch to learn new techniques. It is very exciting to me. I love turning my art into jewelry. I put my label on my jewelry and started selling. I left the initial jewelry in place at a reasonable price and it did eventually sell. I didn’t want to mark it down too much since I need to make a profit in order to keep my house, but also I feel that it is a disservice to other sellers to undercut them too much and cause them to have to drop their prices. We are all in business together, and just because they were vicious to me, doesn’t me that I want to be like that, ever.

Now, I am getting quite an inventory in my store. Of the 128 products that I sell, 75 are designed and/or hand-made by me. It is my goal to eventually sell only my own designs. Meanwhile, I have made my own YouTube video that I will be posting a link to where I show how I turn a drawing into a graphic to use for jewelry or T-Shirt making. I’ll make another one soon that shows how to take the graphic and make jewelry out of it.


One thought on “July 3, 2017

  1. Oh my god, what horrible sellers! I had no idea of what a new sellers goes through. I’m thankful that you posted your experience. Now I will know what to expect and what to do. Glad you are out there. A seller with a heart!


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